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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection

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PRP procedure uses a patient’s own blood to concentrate platelets and the signals they release to initiate a local healing response.

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Platelet Rich Plasma is the current first-line treatment option for people that have sustained acute or continuous trauma injuries to tendons or ligaments that are considered superficial or “close to the skin” in their location. PRP can be injected into these partially torn areas and help stimulate a novel healing response by recruiting and stimulating the local, dormant reparative cells to heal the injury. The most common superficial tendons and ligaments treated with PRP include the long head biceps tendon in or anterior (in front of) to the shoulder, the distal biceps tendon anterior to the elbow, the medial and lateral epicondyles of the elbow (Golfer’s and Tennis elbow respectively), the wrist tendons that extend and flex the wrist, the ITB (Iliotibial Band) along the lateral thigh, the patellar tendon, retinaculum and collateral ligaments of the knee, the ankle ligaments, the posterior tibial tendon and the peroneal tendons, and the plantar fascia. Recent work in Spain has shown a beneficial effect of injecting PRP into areas of bone that are “sick” from either contusions, repetitive microtrauma or poor blood flow states.
Because PRP also has an inflammatory suppressive effect, it can be injected into joints to suppress swelling and stiffness. More recently PRP has been used to treat neck and low back pain generators as well (degenerative disc disease and facet arthritis).

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • A local healing response (cytokines). 
  • Can also treat the later stages of osteoarthritis.
  • Treats acute and chronic wounds, hair loss and local causes of impotence. 
  • Can be used for cosmetic/aesthetic purposes as well.
Treatment TypeInjectables, PRP Procedures
Treatment Problem or ConditionDecreased Libido, Hair Loss, Illness or Injury
Skin TypeNo


PRP is used for the same purposes as prolotherapy (with a greater effect most commonly) and it can also treat the later stages of osteoarthritis (Kellgren stages III and IV) when injected into the local bones along with inside the joint. Can be used for cosmetic/aesthetic purposes as well.



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