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About us

About Us

Who We Are

Allure Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Center is devoted to total wellness, and we include fitness, nutrition, beauty and regeneration therapies as part of our services. Our affiliated doctors and staff specialize in orthopedics, plastic surgery, hormone therapy, pain management, massage therapy and nutrition.

Our Mission

Provide our community with access to proven, cutting edge complementary and alternative health and wellness treatments that can provide a lasting benefit to our clients at a reasonable cost.

Our Approach

At Allure, we have a whole- body approach. We understand that everyone is unique and so to begin the process, it will start with a consultation with one of our providers. We will then design a personalized approach that will work for you and we will recommend treatment options and effective strategies to help you to be successful. We offer healthy solutions whether it is within our practice or outside.

Our staff is passionate about helping our clients achieve optimal health and wellness in every aspect of their lives. We created Allure so we are able to treat you beyond the traditional medical models, so many services we provide are not covered by insurance. Our affiliated doctors participate in traditional insurance plans. If your needs require medical treatment outside our range of services, we will be happy to refer you.

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